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SheSez with Linda Grasso

Apr 2, 2019

With her website Truth in Aging, Marta Wohrle has spent the past ten years investigating what products really work to restore collagen, lessen lines and improve complexion. Favoring state-of-the-art, little known companies (and avoiding high-end department store brands with fancy packaging), Marta sources products, sends them to her team of testers across the country and then quantifies results with thorough and, sometimes brutally honest, reviews. In addition to tester input, Marta also gives careful consideration to the ratio of effective ingredients to essentially “filler” and to price.

In this show, Linda chats with Marta about what specific ingredients have proven to be the most effective. She highlights three in particular—including one we’d never even heard of—as well as an emerging Scandinavian brand that's water and preservative-free that she views as game changing. Marta also shares why getting retinol from your dermatologist may not be the best approach.