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SheSez with Linda Grasso

Jun 26, 2018


After a decade of working for large financial institutions, and living through 911 in New York, Victoria Tsai felt a yearning for simplicity and authenticity. She suffered from the acute skin condition, dermatitis, and nothing her dermatologist provided provided relief. While traveling in Japan she met a group of modern day geisha and was struck by the beauty of their skin. She quit her job and embarked on a three-year research project to investigate the beauty practices and routines of the geisha, ultimately discovering that they’re based on purity and the Japanese diet of green tea, rice, seaweed. Listen in as Victoria shares with Linda how she sold her engagement ring and car to finance Tatcha Beauty and basically jumped over anything that got in her way. No one wanted to finance her; she couldn’t even get a publicist. But she stuck to what she believed. Today Tatcha Beauty employs 95 people and is sold in Barneys and Sephora.