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SheSez with Linda Grasso

Oct 9, 2018

Discover how to tap into your creative side—and experience profound personal growth. 

For most of us, being creative was something we did as a child. Whether painting or molding play dough, we were creative for the fun of it. But as we’ve gotten older, with jobs and kids, most of us have let our creative side go.

Creativity Coach Robin Finn aims to help people get it back. Robin shares how engaging in creative endeavors “for the pure joy of it” can help people pivot towards fulfillment— and ultimately be happier.

 The mom of three shares the story of how, even though she had wonderful family, she started feeling deeply unsatisfied. Robin realized that she wasn’t doing anything in her life just for her; like most moms, she was at the bottom of her list. Robin turned her life around after getting a master’s degree in spirituality psychology and then going on to write her first novel, Restless in L.A. Today she teaches a class called Heart. Soul. Pen. aimed at encouraging people to access the creative energy lying dormant inside them though stream-of-conscious-style writing.