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SheSez with Linda Grasso

Oct 29, 2019

Stage 4 Triple-Negative Breast Cancer survivor Jenn Greenhut had just had her yearly mammogram when she discovered the lump under her arm. In this episode, Jenn speaks out about the importance of ultrasounds—particularly for women with dense breasts—and she shares the story of how doing essentially a 360-degree change in mindset got her through the grim diagnosis. During her treatment for one of the most aggressive forms of the disease, she learned to embrace (instead of dread) chemo and to see and be grateful for all the positives that have resulted from her situation. She credits that attitude reboot with helping her go from little hope to cancer-free in four months. Plus, how Jenn is giving back by raising money for cancer research with her new line of bags, Zero Negative. The line includes reversible bags that go from cross body to fanny packs designed for women going through treatment.