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SheSez with Linda Grasso

Jun 8, 2023

A heartfelt and personal discussion as Linda talks with her sister-in-law Ginge Cabrera about how she turned her pain over her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease into a passion for advocacy. Ginge’s grandmother was struck with the disease at age 75; and then—in a cruel twist of fate—her mom years later, at the exact same age.  Ginge recounts how helpless and despondent she felt at not being able to help her mother. The relief—coupled with an intense desire to make a difference—only came when she began working with her local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association to get more money for research, better laws on the books and better, more effective and accessible drugs for the estimated 6 million Americans who have the disease.

Ginge, who receive the Passion Award by the Connecticut chapter of the Association this past spring, touches on the latest pharmaceuticals that have been approved by the FDA, and offers numerous resources for families and caretakers of patients including:

*the website

*the help line: 1-800-272-3900

In addition to raising funds, chairing events, and attending Alzheimer’s Association regional conferences, Ginge has also volunteered to take part in clinical trials. Anyone interested in doing that can go here for more info.