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SheSez with Linda Grasso

Sep 26, 2023

When you see Stephanie Koenig on the screen, you might do a double take. You might have seen her before on the TV series The Flight Attendant or The Offer. But with her role in the upcoming Apple+ series Lessons in Chemistry (debuting October 13), you'll soon not just recognize the face but the name as well. Indeed, Stephanie is a star on the rise and defeating the odds of being a working actress in Hollywood (you all know how much I love it when people defy odds). But the real thing that made me ask her to be on the show: she is a Michigan native (both parents work in the automotive industry) who is earthy, self-deprecating and funny. And she doesn’t have a self-important bone in her body. She's a girl's girl who I think you'll enjoy getting to know—before everyone else does.