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SheSez with Linda Grasso

Nov 9, 2022

The grit and resilience-filled comeback story of Geralyn Ritter who was critically hurt in a 2015 Amtrak train accident that killed 8 people and injured more than one hundred others. At the time, the mother of three was a senior VP at the pharmaceutical company Merck & Company—an A-type essentially— used to moving fast and getting things done. Here she shares with Linda her journey over the past 7 years, including how she has kept her chin up through an emotionally challenging time at a residential rehab center and endured more than 30 surgeries. She also talks about how tapping her "spiritual side" helped her cope with pain and despair. Plus, the life lessons she has learned and how they have inspired her to change her life—everything from how she now deals with her girlfriends and her kids—and why she accepted a position at a new company.

Geralyn is the executive VP at Organon & Co., a Fortune 500 healthcare company aimed at women and the author of Bone by Bone: A Memoir of Trauma and Healing.