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SheSez with Linda Grasso

Sep 3, 2019

 Ellen K's story is one of patience, perseverance and pay off, set amidst the male host-dominated radio industry. After being a sidekick for 24 years on two popular radio shows —the first with Rick Dees and the second with Ryan Seacrest — Ellen K finally got her due. In 2015 she became host of her own gig: the Ellen K Morning Show on KOST 103.5. It airs weekdays and is I Heart Radio’s number one show in Los Angeles. A syndicated version airs nationwide on weekends. Ellen shares why she stayed as a sidekick for nearly a quarter a century (not even raising her hand at hosting opportunities) and how she finally got the guts to fight for and win her own show. Ellen takes us inside the boardroom with all the decision makers, and shares her rather unique strategy for arguing her case.