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SheSez with Linda Grasso

Oct 10, 2017

In her twenties, Lisa Kline was one of the most successful retailers in Los Angeles, with a store favored by the biggest celebrities of the day on swanky Robertson Boulevard. With each passing year, the business only grew—growth based on Lisa's uncanny ability to discover little known brands with huge potential. She ultimately owned and operated five trendy boutiques and a budding on-line business. Beginning in 2007 though–everything started to spiral: the writer's strike put a kibosh on spending, the recession hit and then something much worse. In 2009, Lisa’s husband died in an accident. Overnight, Lisa lost her identity. In this episode, the mother of two shares the story of how she climbed back…. personally and professionally. Hear how she took her skills as a brick and mortar-oriented entrepreneur and highly skilled curator of retail goods and blended them together… ultimately becoming a buyer for some of the most exclusive retail outlets in the world.