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SheSez with Linda Grasso

Jul 10, 2018


Kimberly Inskeep may have been voted “Best Dressed” by her high school senior class—but she never could have guessed she’d end up spearheading a $250 million dollar fashion business. Kimberly is Co-Founder and President of cabi, a women's clothing line sold through pop-up events at private homes, presided over by nearly 35-hundred saleswomen, known as “stylists,” across the country. Hear the story of how Kimberly’s desire to be more present in her daughter’s life led to her exit from the corporate fast-track and how when she met her partner, designer Carol Anderson nearly 20 years ago at a dinner party, she "immediately saw an opportunity"—and seized it. Listen in as Kimberly shares with Linda how she and Carol puts their heads together to come up with an innovative retail sales concept that eschewed brick and mortar—way before everyone else was doing it.